The Resistance: ISSUE TWO



The holidays have seized us and we are hosting no less than six parties (see the events calendar). We advise you to stock up on top- notch gifts like individual Ferrerro Rochers and Pat Benatar CDs, as you will be assailed with good will daily. All Grinches will be required to watch “Silent Night Deadly Night” in the Red Room.

Never needing an excuse for a party, we were recently enraptured by a cut-throat contest for Justin Bieber’s show at the ACC, donated by our benevolent President/ CEO, Chris Jordan (who nonetheless made sure contestants worked for it!).

Account Director Karen Hyman, who has a Bieber- feverish daughter, made a short film of a string of

films featuring a wide range of Y&Rers reciting, with aching sincerity, the lyrics to “Baby.” Sam Porter and Kristen Keays performed an indescribably odd routing to the same song, wherein they formed a conjoined and adorable seated mutant. And then Brian Cruz took the stage—fully suited up—and performed a Magic Mike- inspired dance “As Long As You Loved Me,” bringing sexy back to the boardroom. In spite of his mad skills, the three women won. Some mumbling of a fix ensued! But everyone had fun: look for Curtis Robinson’s risqué footage of the event on YR.Share.Com.

Cruz was suited up for the CMAs, the formal event which saw Y&R bring home a Bronze trophy for its brilliant “Slash Hunters” film (and multi-media event.)

Y&R also designed the organizing concept of this

year’s CMA Awards, “The Big Idea.” Created by writer Marcelo Ceron, Francheska Galloway (Art Director)

and Dave Tupper (Associate Creative Director) and directed by Jonathan Bensimon, and starring Pip Dwyer and Joseph Peace, the film—based on such brooding, hardboiled film noirs as Kiss Me Deadly and The Big Sleep—captures the seductive, intimate, and complex relationship between client and agency. The funny,

sexy film went over like gangbusters: congratulations

all around!

We are still looking for submissions! Email and with ideas, suggestions, photos for the contest or completed work. As always, check out our website, and have a safe and wonderful holiday!



Alexis Victor & Lynn Crosbie

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