Lynn CrosbieLynn Crosbie was born in Montreal, Quebec, and now lives in Toronto, Ontario.

She received her Ph.D in English from the University of Toronto, writing her thesis on the work of the American poet Anne Sexton.

In 1997, Insomniac Press published her controversial book on the Canadian criminal Paul Bernardo, Paul’s Case.

In 2006, on Valentine’s Day, Crosbie published a book-length poem titled Liar with House of Anansi Press. Her recent novel/memoir Life Is About Losing Everything (2012) is being released in the US this fall; Queen Rat, her Selected Poems, is being released as an A List Title, also with House of Anansi.

Her poetry is occasionally available in TPV’s gumball-machines. Her books are often at Type, Toronto’s best bookstore.

She has a cat named Blaze Starr and a dog named Francis Albert: an amateur photographer, she takes pictures almost exclusively of them and of old men shaking their fists on the street.

Crosbie is a cultural critic, and the author of several books of poetry including Miss Pamela’s Mercy, Villainelle, and Missing Children.These are about, in order, superstars (like the eponymous Pamela Des Barres,) homicidal men and women, and, from a short, true story, a man who mails condolence letters to bereaved families. Writer and professor Nick Mount has taught the latter a few times in his infamous class, “Literature for Our Time.”

Crosbie has lectured on and written about visual art at the AGO, the Power Plant, and OCAD University (where she taught for six years.) She is an award-winning journalist and regular contributor to Fashion magazine and Hazlitt. She has had columns in the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Star, Flare and Eye magazine. published in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies, most recently (poems) to Highway and Matrix, and the Anansi e-story, “Little Snowfall.”

She teaches at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Her Trampoline Hall Lecture was entitled “Don’t Have Casual Sex”.

Life Is About Losing Everything was released in April 2012. The book won the 2013 ReLit Award in the fiction category.

Her new novel, May, 2015, is a post-punk mystery and romance called Where Did You Sleep Last Night.

  • Penelope

    Did you teach at York U in 1989/90?

    • lynncrosbie

      I was a TA that year, I think. For Russ Chace. African-Caribbean cultures.

  • sara

    How do you know everything? Why do you know nothing? Can you answer with only one word? Hint, it should carry the same weight as these questions (i.e. 130 pounds).

    • lynncrosbie

      Is it you? I’m so confused! X

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