Have you done this before

Because you’re sure of yourself

and not afraid of anything?
You cut yourself in the kitchen and let it bleed,

It’s an irritant it doesn’t hurt 
Pass out drink and almost smother yourself, laugh it off

Fall down you are a mass of bruises, so what

You like the tender, almost flowers,
The sweetness of your breath

To forget, or remember wild things in bright bursts
You were watching, you want to say, to tell that you were watching

That you can’t help your eyes being filled with clouds 

Pricked by stars
You were hurt also.
How beautiful is a girl named Milly who is two?

Her brothers Harrison and Daniel their grandfather who clutched them 

Please, he said, please 
The girl named Milly’s mouth opened and bloomed the red chrysanthemums that mean love.
You didn’t mean to, or hadn’t thought about taking her whole life and theirs,

Every desire every tear every day in the world that has swallowed them whole,

No, they said but you didn’t hear them over the singing in your

rushing, living head. 

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