Story begins to unravel about drowned Syrian boy

The teeth the teeth meme I mean is fabricated, there was no torture,

The father was on the shore and the boat, his teeth luxuriating in 

lustrous gum beds and

This is not like napalm, but staged: the boy’s limbs are arranged to extract maximum sympathy

His skin is too clear, too pink for a victim of drowning (the teeth have been located in the arms of an octopus,

The teeth are a Liberal lie the Liberals are afraid to reveal,)

The boy was photographed crossing the Bosporus and feeding cherry-red seeds to gulls!

There was no problem other than the boy’s mother’s fear of drowning, listen:

“The father sent them on that boat so the father could get dental treatment. They were in no fear, they were in no persecution and they were in no danger in Turkey.”

Oğlan eğleniyor oldu. 

The boy lies on his belly in the yielding sand,

Ears=silken shells

Hair=midnight wavelets

Eyes=Closed against monstrous curves


Himself < Every remaining moment of your life, especially when you see, while walking or moving quickly, something so still it is like a line notched into the 

Cold sand

A line marking ENOUGH or LET HIM BE

Even, let us be still also; let us gather him into our arms and warm him,

As his life unravels like a small skein of golden thread. 

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