Two Marvels by #Hannah Brown


I wondered about the metal bars

on the headboard of a bed

so high I had to take a run

at it, and jump towards you.


our old common ground

 the avid seeking of pleasure,

giving pleasure,

and getting your mouth covering my nose and my mouth.

stop. I can’t breathe

My back and forth head, ignored

You hate being interrupted

Only your voice, and now, only your air?


I would have to breathe the air in your mouth

I concentrated I needed whatever

Air was breathable, and I wasn’t sure how much would keep me

Alive, so I went still, I slowed everything down

Hades’ kingdom is your mouth


Slow everything down while I have to stay here

Endure this cold desire, this winter wait,

You are the cold winter I must lie below,

 I must let myself be alive to my own desire, so I can return,

so I can leave, escape via the long staircase to the outdoors, spring away from this doomed house

Later I wondered

had French film maker told you

subdue her, she’ll like it?


I didn’t.


It wasn’t an accident, an out-of-practice awkwardness

You had done this before

News in Toronto, suffocation is a sexual ploy:  

I would lay

A bet about the bars on your bed.

Where are the body snatchers

The men who bagged others for the navy

Anyone tall enough to throw this bag over your head

And tighten the knot. How many lashes on the deck before you thought of how awful 

it was what you did to me: never enough. 

You will only think of you, no matter where you have been shanghaied.


                                        Her Old Boyfriend is Up                                         


                               I am always coming to, just as I am

                               about to fall off the edge of the bed

                               He’s got god’s thumb between his legs


                          I drive away within a Hammond B-3 tremulo, 

                      radiating waves of pleasure beaming outward and out —

                             I could make Toronto really happy, just

                             by making love to him, then driving —


                                     street after street surprised

                             by how suddenly happy everyone is

                       no one sure where the buzz is coming from

                                             nor what Hz


                But, like him, it seems familiar and good, and now

        everywhere, a small hum in the back bottom of people’s mouths

                                   Let that hum have its way 


                                       If this continues,

        he will hire another pretty girl to fix his porch, or mend his mailbox

                        as his civic prize for favours to the city

                           because of what he has done to Hannah

                             who is moving away from him,

                             heading easterly through the city,

                              leaving no leafy street undone

                                all, radiant with oscillation


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