Emily Izsak sharpens her Knives


A grade horse
steers the carriage left
of orbit

We build pornographic
snow sculptures
gargle with lightweight

In warmer climes
fishermen chip seashells
into cityscapes

One unruly signal
indicates gumdrops
not panopticon

Consider the ordinates

in lapel pin and

freshly ironed suit

wants to know how

many french maid costumes

are there in

the tri-state area?


So you blow

yr trapezoidal chunks

all over me

and you


Panko crusted


scissor kick in

sync with Metallica’s

Black Album


Blistered platform sandals

visibly wiretapped


this enviable

dress shirt

in its purple

mental wellness


Wont you tell me otherwise?

Wont you suck on my



modes of inquiry

poke at

tipsy caveats


as the closet

caught in squelchy bas-relief

opens to copious peepers

Obligatory Bildungsroman

The pseudocrunch of boiled rhubarb

softens news of topless


Gone now the days enclosed

quel dommage!


if only we had waited longer

As if that were possible


Vitrified guppies

on soap dispensers

catcall at clavicles

Damn girl, nice bone structure!

We hike up our bath towels


Of expected inclusions:

strawberry daiquiris

fashion-forward bifocals


Post nametags and decoupage—

a video-conference on the consistency

of walnut paste

slowed resistance

to overcoats in spidey-suits


Hobgoblins migrate south

Three Jewels
“I’d say, ‘Peanut. Hazelnut. Cashew nut. Macadamia nut.’ That was the one that would send her into going crazy. She’d say, ‘Would you stop naming nuts!’ And Hubert used to be able to make the sound, he wasn’t talking, but he’d go ‘rrrawr rrawr’ and that sounded like Macadamia nut. Pine nut, which is a nut, but it’s also the name of a town. Pistachio nut. Red pistachio nut. Natural, all natural white pistachio nut.”
– Christopher Guest as Harlan Pepper, Best in Show

Geodes pose as Tantric yams
in supermarkets
Dogs called after monists
snarl at visible minorities
leave it!

Last ether Monday
mayoral candidates listed
citywide bupkis:
bike lanes
snake oil

Mundane effigies
go thataway
Buddah ate only
the most mediocre


Brood Comb

dressed in a pink
nay salmon getup
you are ptolemy’s hat tip
a stained glass porthole
in a gas station bathroom
you luminous fuck


can’t lip-read mandarin
can’t cross stitch
a map of lake ontario
gripping tumultuous
leftovers we limp
to the nearest apothecary


scalene axioms bracket
late-term perplexity
we’ve bento boxed
our grandmothers
and scattered their bird-stone
allegories in high park


size two jelly shoes
wounded in cold storage and
you can’t gestate for shit
noteworthy films predict
the extinction of bees

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