We are for draining the sun
            For extinguishing light
            For craning for pleasure
            For looking directly into release
            For coming
            For tugging robins through exits
            For the now-world
            For sci-fi films and Paradise
            For shopping with spirit animals
            For painting embarrassing objects red
            For children in general and those in the wheat field
            For liberating the cuckoo from the clock
            For hooks but not in eyes
            For gallows in public squares
            For splitting the atom apple
            For living in madness

So yes, we can have a party. We are all celebrations

In August
For Nicole Markotic

In August it rains and rains
I slosh more wine into my brains 
until I breathe wine
You lick the back of my knees
I touch your fingers
propose we build a bridge
be minotaurs in alphabets
sew triangles over scars
knit hymens for all kinds of birds 
I will write you a slim letter

Accidental Poem by Casey

I see reality as it is

like I see you there, Mom

but then I like to upgrade 

I think it would be better 

if there were a city behind your ear 

And there it is! And then

a rainbow on the other side

Mayhem Sonnet
For Tony Burgess

Then in Mayhem bend torso down and cry
My fall’s my own the needle’s not to blame
Straight to the eye through jet black circle flies
Into the fuel that fed my darkest flame
Down to the heart sleek feathered and alive
Crispen the plane through water and through air
Nothing will come from my deformed disguise
No one will dream my dark dreams when I am dead
But my sweet cubs keen for my other side
All of my love my arms my lips my pride
All of my breath I keep to offer them






Mayhem Remix
For Tony Burgess

        of my sweet

 all of my own cubs
deformed disguise

No one will come
for my

Down in my dark dream

and alive
 of my other
All of my love my deformed disguise
 No one will come
  for my dark flame


  No one
     will come
breathe by my side

 one will

  but my sweet cubs

All of my love my arms my pride

All of my other side

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