Amanda Earl is HOOD’s very lucky (for us) 13

from Beast Body Epic 

the harmonic scalpel is seven inches long has a comfortable handle, 

a curved blade cuts thick tissue coagulates & dissects 

simultaneously & precise


scalpeled, cut open, gutted, an unlucky stingray in a pond 

choked with lilies the garish flash of a monster tipped them off


embalming is the practice of ancient Egyptians I was stuffed 

with gauze rag dolled mummified kept on a slab for later 

spelunkering a renovation project insulated with formaldehyde 

I’m toxic now will bite back at you with mean words 

because what the fuck do I care


take a look at this body I asked so he did after we fucked he

left quietly I brushed my long hair 100 times flopped in the tub 

to play mermaid scales like armour slick & shiny


trace on my body a fish, a spider, a hummingbird, a monkey 

map the constellations conjure up lightning strikes I’ve been 

impure a long time you’ve seen how porcelain fractures 

its cracks rivuleting outward

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