HOOD (shaky but strong) Returns! With David Rx4 Walsh

The Song of Refracted Light
cloistered within my third trachea

is Wala’s bag of impenetrable sunshine

crinkled antipodal lune sphere

folding in on itself, succulently

The orb of light creeps up my throat
The glass is smooth, cold, hard

It falls out of my mouth like a handful of grapes
How terribly, terribly, bent is the light that shines within me today
It is terribly bent
The machine elves keep on pushing the boulder through, and what comes out is a constricted squelch of a sound. Like a cough, a laugh, a whimper. Have you ever heard an aria sung through the eye of a pinched straw? Blown out whiskey voices, the sacred death-cult of ultimate pertussis
I am singing the song of refracted light


I am making very little sound

at all

David R.R.R.R. Walsh is a life long ablutophiliac. He currently has one experience: It is happening as you read this. He refuses to feel ashamed of his degree in English from the University of Toronto.

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