Dinner For Two

They say that love resides 

Within the heart, 

But sometimes it lies within the stomach.

It was a Japanese courtship, 

Unusual for its kind.
She danced for him, 

Read a little German poetry,
She was a fever dream, 

Burning white hot. 

They brought it to a boiling point,
She went off with a bang! 

She’s a stain and loves it.

Bryan Adams filters in from somewhere. 

Unknown and unwanted Like he always does. 

“It cuts like a knife,” he claims,
He takes the message to heart, 

Holds a blade to hers She looks angelic, 

With her halo of flies. 

Desire unrestrained,
More of hunger, 

Her flesh for fantasy. 

A transformation occurred, 

Man to beast, 

Another planet he came from, 

What womb did give birth?

He got a taste, 

The first of its kind 

And he knew what had been missing. 

Lips to lips, Teeth to nips, 

He took her into him, 

His sacrament. 

There was enough to go around, 

Yet it was not a feast. 

His humanity lost, 

There was not much left 

Fuck Bryan Adams

She’s the queen of the red,
She’ll have off with your head.
A Judas Priestess,
Hell bent for leather
and helter skelter.
Give her an inch,
She’ll cut off a foot.
Mirror, mirror you call,
Bloody Mary’s not far,
she’s just down at the bar.
“Salvador Darling,” she said, “Your time is all wrong.”
Patti Smith with a switchblade and a pen inked in blood.
she said Sylvia Plath was rising,
I said this town was fucked.
That come hither stare, and noise pop hair.
She’s Munch’s Madonna,
Raw Woman laid bare.
You wanna hear her words?
A word of warning if you care.
If she’s got you in her sights,
You’ll be begging for the knife,
 In her pen she’s no quarter to spare.

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