Real Horrowshow

The amazing Christine Baldacchino told HOOD the following: she is the author of Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress and writes highschool yearbook-quality poetry.  The voice inside her head sounds an awful lot like Eric Braeden’s.

Jer, the guy who posts this work, is appalled: “I know this pink-haired siren and her work: she’s f#%*ing amazing.” We (Cat, dog, I) agree with Jer.

The following are excerpts from a fanfic featuring (be still my Clockwork Irange heart!) a band called NADSAT. These are their cool lyrics. 
Pop-up readers, we gratefully present Christine Baldacchino! 


And brainless
I’m dreamless
The planet spins on a dime
Spits on mine


She swings
Silver over a black sea
The moon shivers and splits
She breaks up
And bleeds out
Silver over a black sea
Where I can’t hope to reach her

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