Freddie Gray +

The video is usually blurry, shaky hands

The mic picks up the screaming, OH SHIT OH SHIT,



Freddie Gray, what happened later?

I called 911 a few years ago about a man passed out in the park. The cop on the scene kicked him awake, in the ribs.

I asked him to stop, and he said, You have done enough MAAM. LEAVE.

I called his superior and he let slip that “You don’t know what these people are like. One of them hit one of our officers the other night”

Thin blue garotte.

He just looked at them and ran, who wouldn’t.

No cameras in the bus, what did they do?

Your pain and fear are palpable; you can’t breathe.

With your eyes closed there they are, a hail of bullets entering black men; there it is, the obscenity.

Of burying your son.

The hawk at the window stared back at you and promised to watch the watchmen,

Before spinning up and high, its eyes shining ebony chips,

Its claws honed for the attack.






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