Dear Robert Lecker’s Students

I offer to you: the best dressed man in Parkdale.

He also wears gold lamé.

He is a clue.

To the tensile relationship
between beauty and horror
in my poems.

As documented, far more ably, by Genet and Acker and Baudelaire.

I once went on a date with the man who wrote the prologue.

The date is in the book, all cherry blossoms.

When the book was first published, all I thought about was love.

Amber and amber and ice.

Now I think of surviving, which is easier to do alone.

I squish all their heads.

And follow the best-dressed man in Parkdale down the street to pick up my good sweater

Mary sewed it for free,

There were 18 moth holes in it.

  • Maggie

    After studying you in class I’m debating whether to dress as “Queen Rat” for Halloween. My pet rats Gravy and Cider seem eager to be a part of the costume, though I’m not sure they get the reference. Suggestions on outfits? Unfortunately I don’t have anything in gold lamé.

    • Oh God, don’t be an actual queen/king rat! Look it up. Horrifying. If me, don’t take your little pets with, that would be mean. Lots of lipstick, improbably high heels and a slip. Please lmk how it goes. Oh yes: a crown, obv.

  • Sara

    I am possibly more confused than ever, but that confusion is more ecstatic than the anti-climactic clarity I seek. Thank you Lynn Crosbie. You are awesome!

    • Sara, You are awsomer. Really looking forward to reading your work. X

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