The Montreal Mailer

Following the Luka Magnotta trial—the events are too horrible to behold. I never have seen, I never will see the videos. What I don’t understand is all the mail. When I send a little parcel, a book, say, it is a huge ordeal. Long lines in the laboratory-lit post office, postal codes to be looked up, forms to be filled, tedious discussions to be had (after listening to many more.) How did this maniac pull it together to buy fancy wrapping papers, compose dogmatic letters, find serviceable boxes, acquire the addresses of faraway schools and government offices, their codes, the proper tape and more THEN stand in the line of the damned with his appalling parcels? Yes, and then talk at length about their delivery. This is the ignored lunacy; the pellucid evidence of his not having acted in mad haste.

Then there is a small black puppy, lying dead on its side.

  • Dear Ms. Crosbie, is not the killing of small animals a trademark of serial killers? I agree though, if your question is whether his insanity is for real or not…

    • Is there a question here? It appears to just trail off…and yes, of course, animal torture is among the paraphilia.

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