Pride Pig

Baby steps back to the high-stakes, fat-stacks-makin world of _the blog_. Via a question. This woman. If an intellectual/ feminist saw her selfie, they would likely use the term “self-loathing.” Or, “Internalized misogynistic visual rhetoric.” But what if the subject is a party-beast with access to ink, needles and a fun guy or girl? The artist I mean. And what if the artist is Julia Kristeva, and the model is her lover and they finished inking the right boob on the way to see a Pussy Riot cover band in Brussels after drinking absinthe and fucking? Or what if the woman is a corpse from the Mutter Museum, a relic—the Southie Venus? What if this skin is an example of the uncanny that swine fear and are attracted to, simultaneously? What if this woman is a beautiful example of the actual ideation of the abject? I’d ask you, lone reader! to comment but am certain we all suffer from collective ADD, a condition of these times, and anyways, what if she, like Denise Levertov is just this, _a pig and a poet._ #getonwithyourbadselfie #epicwin

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