Sensitive Skin

It is cool at first, seeing my own city
Cut into three pieces, and oddly,

The same three places I live and have
Lived, in love, in love, and lamenting

The continuity: the leads walk past a store on Queen and into a College

Street cafe, as in a David McGimpsey’s
“Ou Est le Queen Street?”

As in my life shooting back and forth
Until I’m sick

On the first episode the Don McKellar
Character listens to “Snowbird”

All night and day for his humour Column until he takes it seriously

And compares if to “death motifs in Joyce,” whatever that means

But he and his wife, the Kim
Catrall character are aging and lonely

So I can reach into the show, and toss Away what I don’t need (motorcycle

Betrayers and Kubrick furniture)

Then take the rest, take the sliced Pieces into my own tiny wings and

Fly away,

I can make a nest of dead and living Things < The very idea of hauling snow And keep brooding over my Hatchlings: fear and hatred, love, love And lamenting.

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