Gavin McLeod Breaker of Hearts

Sailor, you said we’d see the siren-
Masthead & seven seas

Beneath your latex water-bed, rippling
Like your jelly rolls, old balls & belly

You let me pull your high socks down;
“I was going to bring flowers,” you said & colored

I’ll be your life, Gavin, I said. I mean
My nervous illness, that beached old manatee

You look nice, I always said
“I don’t anilize it,” you wrote me, you repugnant dullard

You tawked like this, cawfee &c: my
High spirits made you wonder

Awr you wild in bed?

You’re a writer too, I found out near the end

You write “sarcastic stuff” on EBay People took notice, the novel is next

I’m sorry I led you to think I liked you, you said

Because I don’t, you told me and shook your head.

Love is not exciting or new,
From the day you got my number,

I’d been expecting you.

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