I phoned Madonna

Cause I was bored and I wanted to get a manicure or something but it went down crazy

Me: Hey.
Madonna: Talk to me me.
Me: Yeah, I wanted to know—
Madonna: Tell me your dreams, am I in them?
Me: No.
Madonna: Tell me your fears. Are you scared?

This was the same day she took her kids to Disneyland and justified her love with the guy in the Pluto costume.

You’ve all seen the pictures, of the arrest too.

And her hitchhiking naked after her hearing.

And Jerry Vale picking her up and getting all kinds of lucky.

And her talking with a jive Bronx accent alla time.

Jerry’s grabbin me a cawwwwwfeee, I can’t tawwwwwk.

Like that:

Oh they were two purple shadows!

Love birds on the loose on the very best supper clubs

It did get hard, looking somewhere above her,

To pretend I don’t love her,

When all she had was eyes for him.

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