So I got my grant ap in, and

I should probably not jinx myself
But Christ almighty!

Who would NOT read a 400 page book about the invention of kitty litter?

In vers libre

Told in the voice of Bugles the cat,

In Greek, with translations!?!?

I translated what he told me and we broke little plates on good writing days and he lapped Ouzo from a bowl

Before litter, he taught me, cats used to “go” outside

Like animals!

They evolved to using socks and hats, bra cups, shoes

He still likes a nice shoe-poop, he says

Bugles and I are wiped however and flying to Quebec for some down time

What will you buy me with your grant, he says, as he folds his rayon slacks-suit, a selection of tees and one good shirt

That alternates polka dots and stripes

Here, I say, chunking him a brush

He sighs

A bag of mice?

You are disgusting, he says, zipping his case and stalking away, his fat tail twitching

Diamond collar! I call after him and he let’s me rub his fat pink belly

Man, what a day!

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