Valley of the Dolls: when it gets too real

You find your upbringing in the working class town of Ville D’Anjou

There is a scandalous rumour that Rene Simard had a glass of tap-water at your home

Qu’il a dit Woooooo, l’eau sont fin!

You stop using your Thigh-Master because deep down, you know
you’re more than a pair of gams

You stagger, get fat, and cheat with your married agent

Wear a weave because of those lousy dye operators on Dundas!

Let your brain cannibalize itself until your poems all begin “Roses are wet,…”

Realize you have a damned good war novel in you: CHAPTER ONE, WE WERE SCARCELY MEN

Scream your name to nurses and bartenders

Insult art: Too goddamn depressing!

Play with your pills, You are the mean one, Seconal, and Dexie, you’re nice

Realize Toronto is no big deal. Why didn’t you stay in Anjou?

Commit suicide wearing a Travilla gown

There was never enough oxygen on the plateau

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