Scarlet Tanager

Was my Brownie gang
And our hand signal was: palms clasped, finger-wings

We sold cookies like this:
Mister do you want 20 boxes?
Mister stop touching me inappropriately!

I got a badge in fire and one in kicking.

Brownies taught me to smoke then
the Brown Owl said You’re wasting my

I got a badge in needles and cooking

We wore brown bags with slits
and beat up Cubs

I got a badge in beating up Cubs

But when the Elves made that murder
I quit

I got a badge in quitting.

Tina was my friend
It wasn’t right what they did

They mailed me her hair
and a badge in Shutup

I sewed them all on my coat
where they sent us

We did tattoos with pocket
knives and ballpoint pens

TEENA I wrote
That’s beautiful the Girl Guide said

All perverted: she was prettier
than Valerie Bertinelli.

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