The Barbie shoes I saw, bedraggled

I looked like a scarecrow
Stack of hair, rumpled snotgreen tee
Joe Fresh fat pants, Haven’t seen much
Of you, Jenni said as I pawed through
The Barbie boots and sandals-cum-Earrings and thought of David, of his Kindness

David who sent me a silver VOD Pillbox filled with Barbie mules and

Who got in trouble for playing “Happy Heart,” 10 times in a row one summer, At my crazed request

Who just sent me a sheaf of beautiful
Poems about the New York days:

Around that time, I wore tiny naked Men for earrings, from a porn store
Keychain: full wood

I got a cross for my father

I voted with Frank

I considered the light that love leaves,
Long after it has lived

And the sun just blazed its approbation while the trees bowed

Thank you, thank you, they said.

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